Magick and Mimosas Events

My events are crafted to be a spiritual wellness experience that each have a specific intention. Explore a few signature events below.

New Year, New Intentions Party

We celebrate the first new moon of the astrological new year by creating a vision board, setting intentions, writing affirmations, releasing what no longer serves you and more. People have walked away from this event feeling energized, grounded, and grateful having gained clarity on their desires and goals for the new year. Attendees have often sent feedback throughout the year confirming how engaging in the New Intentions Party helped them achieve the goals set for the year.

NeNe’s Birthday Pole Party

As a December baby, my birthday correlates with the end of the calendar year. The Pole Party is an invitation to honor movement as an energy cleanser. Here we release the funkiness of the year and welcome in new, positive energy that will better serve us. We connect with friends, unleash our inner confidence, and create lasting memories, all while getting a full body workout learning pole/twerk moves from trained professionals! People report leaving the event feeling strong, powerful, sexy and sensual.


Markets are a fun and unique opportunity to meet in person and exchange energy. You’re able to sample and purchase products in person and markets also give you the special opportunity to receive live, in person divinations! As markets change location, subscribing to the Magick and Mimosas Newsletter is the best way to know where we’ll be!