Bring forth luck, love, success, confidence

In My Bag: Luxury Sugar Scrub


This glamour and attraction recipe features rose petals and sunflower oil to help you to feel in your Telfar, in your Birkin AND bring forth luck, love, success, confidence, money and other sweet tingz into your life as well. This feels like your on top of all your ish and don’t have to work very hard to do so, the money always makes a way to you, you are divinely and universally loved, you’re hitting GAINS in the gym (the people are breaking their necks to peep), hitting brunches with your loved ones and you were eyeing these concert tickets and BAM somebody just bought them for you! 🥰🥰The feels and external validation that you’re that one! And protected and safe walking in all that abundance. Pairs nicely with a bubble bath and/or spirit bath or a quick exfoliation after a shower. NOTE: The skin will be juicy, drippin moisture when ur done. 🤤 4oz jar

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